Saturday, June 9, 2007

Well, it was bad news on the refinishing. There are so many pet stains that he said I would not be happy with the results as they are so deep they will remain very dark. So, I swallowed my disappointment and headed to Lowe's to look at new flooring. Since I don't plan on living here that much longer, I decided to go with Pergo laminate.

Next guy comes to measure for the Pergo. This is the installer who says, "You have quite a ridge that runs the full length of the hallway. I think you should call a foundation repair guy to have it checked out. Looks like the house has settled and it will affect the way I lay the laminate." Then he looks at me and asks if I'm going to take up the baseboard and move all the furniture out. Right, me, the dog, and the cat can do that in an instant. Guess it's time to call my sons again to come up and help dear old mom.

What started as a simple project that would cost around $2,000 is now turning into a monster that I have no idea what it will cost. Oh, I did decide to go ahead and have the laminate put into the kitchen as well.

On a good note, the bathroom and my bedroom are completely decluttered and cleaned. I like to just stand in the door and look. I did buy new curtains for the bedroom and changed the blind. I'm Goodwill's best donor right now. I don't go in the front door to buy, only drop off at the backdoor.

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