Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm really bad about posting on here.  It seems my promises to post more often are much like New Year's resolutions.  They last as long as a snowball in July.

  The kids were here for Thanksgiving and we just relaxed the entire weekend.  I did a little stitching and am now on the bottom row of charts on the French Alphabet Sampler.  My d-i-l wants me to stitch it a second time and rechart it with a W instead of a J in the center.  Maybe if I live to be 100 with good eyesight. The above picture was taken a few weeks ago and I'm now on the border below the one currently showing.  I really need to take an updated picture of it. 

Tomorrow is taco pizza with the St. Louis Stitcher's gang so I'll be driving to St. Louis and plan to do a little shopping on the way home. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

This is my oldest son, d-i-l, and granddaughter.

I'm waiting for the winter storm to hit and hope we don't get hit too hard. I'm supposed to scrap with the gang tomorrow but it will depend on how much snow we get and when it stops. I got rid of almost half my scrap stash and it has been liberating. I'm able to find and know what I have now. I'm actually using all those monthly kits I've received over the years. I still have some stuff to get put away but my scraproom is greatly improved. Except for one monthly kit that I still receive from My Creative Scrapbook, I haven't been scrapbook shopping since right after Thanksgiving when I bought a Christmas paper pack and the Basic Gray calendar kit at M's.

I finally finished my granddaughter's birth sampler. It is Longdog's Bienvenue. I stitched it with silk fibers from Vicki Clayton on 28 ct. fabric called porcelin from Silkweaver. Now I need to get it laced and to the framers. I'm also having Keith's birth sampler re-framed to match Taylor's.

My next project is one I've had the chart for since 2004. It is the French Alphabet Sampler which has the names and initials of all the members of my family incorporated into the design. It is a custom chart that I ordered through Elegant Stitch. They still take orders for it from time to time. I had to buy a yard of fabric so it is a really BAP (Big Ass Project).