Monday, October 15, 2007

I have neglected you terribly and will not go back to rehash all that has happened since June except to say I attended CKU in Nashville, TN and had a blast. I went by myself and roomed with a lady from Louisiana whom I had never met. We were so much alike it was unbelievable. We are both former English teachers, same age, no longer married, diabetic, nightowls, and on and on. We are talking about going to Provo next summer to CKU. I had an album class with Ali Edwards who is such a great person and then took classes editors of various magazines. It was a wonderful experience and I brought home a backseat full of free products. I hated the hotel, Opryland. It is a nightmare to navigate and super expensive by my standards.

This past weekend we celebrated my great-aunt Mabel's 100th birthday. There were over 120 of her nieces and nephews there and it was so much fun. I saw people I hadn't seen in over twenty years and probably never see again. All of her surviving nieces and nephews were there from all over the country. This is probably the last time these cousins will ever all be together. I just wish Aunt Mabel could hear and see better. If it wasn't for those problems, she would be in amazing condition.

Life continues to be good. It has now been 10 months since I had the back surgery and I now wonder why I put it off so long. I am now pain free except when I overdo or do things that would cause anyone's back to hurt. I haven't had a pain pill in months. Dr. Buchowski gave me my life back.

Next weekend is our annual stitch-in at Jeanne's in St. Louis. I haven't stitched in ages except when I have to wait for the car to be serviced. That gets done tomorrow so I'll get some stitching in for a change.

I promise not to wait so long to visit you again.

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