Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday was one of those days.......

Yesterday was not the best.  It started out with me spilling not one, but two cups of coffee.  I was in a hurry to get to St. Louis to see a doctor who specializes in inflammation and infections of the eye so naturally things just kept going downhill.  Driving to St. Louis is about an hour and a half and wouldn't you know I would get into pouring down rain and hail.  Thank God it didn't last long.  I finally made it to Barnes Hospital and the Center for Advanced Medicine with no problems so things were starting to look up.  I was there for over 3 hours being shuffled from one room to another to another and seeing doctor after doctor.  I finally headed home after they x-rayed me and took about a pint of blood to test for every disease they can test.  I really don't know much more than when I went.  I just know I go back in two weeks.  The main doctor. intimated I may have some kind of auto-immune disease which keeps feeding this inflammation in my eye.  I hope they can find the answer to give me my normal vision back in my right eye.  I'm tired of looking through a white cloud/film/frost and having the pain and using all those drops.  I'm thankful my left eye is great or I would really be in a fix. 

I finally made it home and no electricity.  First clue was when the garage door wouldn't go up.  I came in and set up my battery powered magnifier light, turned on the big camping lantern and settled in to stitch.  Ameren said it could be 5-6 hours.  What???? No TV and no internet for that long? Yikes!!!!  I survived and it finally came back on in a couple of hours.  So that was my day.  I hope Saturday will be more productive.